About moveSPACE

Home of Creators

Anything is possible, when you’re surrounded by an encouraging, positive & supportive community.

We believe that creating something is the highest form of expression, and we are here to create a home for that expression to be discovered, developed and shared with the world.

If more people are doing what they love, the better world we’ll live in. A world where we are free to express ourselves, contribute to causes we care about, be inspired and connected, solve big hairy problems, or transform how we see the world and it's challenges.

Consider us your second home. Here at moveSPACE, you can be 100% truly and utterly you.

Welcome home.


What is moveSTUDIO?

We're a group of people working on creative projects to make a more awesome world. Developing projects such as moveSPACE to connect people, move people to action, transform how you see the world.

We work with organisations, businesses & governments to mobilise their people, engage their crowd, spread an idea into the world.

We're lucky to have a diverse crowd of weird & wonderful community builders, creative advertisers, social designers, design thinkers in our team! 






Kiran Patel

"I'm excited about creating a world where, more people are doing what they love, love their lives and the world is fair, sustainable, and frickin awesome."


Alex Karasulas

"I'm keen on a world where everyone's supported to be and express all of who we are, we get to be in love with life, and where we have beautiful relationships with each other, ourselves and the planet."